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The Beginnings of TBA

            music that they owned, especially music they had played
            successfully with their own band program. Selections
            included marches, transcriptions, and newly published
            concert music. During these early days, music written for
            public school bands was not very plentiful. Therefore the
            sharing of music between directors and the exploration of
            new music was critical to the development of band programs
            throughout the state.
              The other main event of the very first TBA convention
            was the Directors Marching Band. In order to learn how
            to teach the most up-to-date marching techniques, the
            directors formed a marching band and learned a show
            at the convention. In the early days, George T. Bennett
            was brought in to teach the directors. He was author of
            a comprehensive series of  Marching Books. His marching
            bands during the days of the national contest created a
            sensation when they made their appearance. Mr. Bennett
            was the director of the Elizabeth City, North Carolina HS
            Band when he served as clinician for the Directors Marching
            Band. Even though Al Sturchio did not participate in the
            marching band, Janice Sturchio was the twirler featured with
            this group. She was quite a sensation as she twirled, did back
            flips, and was featured as the “monkey-grinder” during one
            part of the show. Even though the Directors Marching Band
            was very helpful in promoting new techniques for Texas
            bands, the  participants did not  enjoy  participating in the
            September heat of San Antonio. Therefore before long, the
            TBA New Music - Marching Band Clinic no longer featured
            the Directors Marching Band. Clinics were moved indoors
            for the directors and the reading bands continued.
              From these humble beginnings in 1948, TBA has grown
            into the largest state band director organization in the
            country. One thing that has remained constant with TBA
            is the dedication of Texas band directors and their quest
            for learning the most up to date teaching techniques. The
            clinics,  demonstration  groups,  concerts,  and  large  exhibit
            hall have helped Texas band directors improve their teaching
            skills throughout the years. In addition, military bands and
            ensembles have played an integral role in our Convention/
            Clinics, providing unparalleled expertise and entertainment
            for our enjoyment and edification.

                                                                 Schedule pages, taken from the 1950 TBA
                                                                 convention program.

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