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The Beginnings of TBA

            Recollections by Alfred Sturchio, TBA Past President-1986 and TBA Executive Director 1986-2008

              During the years of 1920 to 1947, there were meetings  of February 14, 1948, it was agreed by the directors
            of Texas bandmasters during the TMEA conventions. These  present to establish the Texas Bandmasters Association,
            get-togethers were not formally organized. From time  independent of the Texas Music Educators Association. Pat
            to time, there were discussions of why band directors of  Arsers was elected President, Ken Vaughn Vice President
            Texas needed their own association to offer better marching  and Dick Young Secretary-Treasurer. The goal for the new
            band instruction as well as showcasing new music for the  association was to provide a clinic for bandmasters that
            concert band.                                      would focus on the newest marching band techniques as
              At the TMEA Convention of February 12-14, 1948  well as provide the opportunity to hear the latest concert
            more progress was made in establishing an independent  band music presented in reading sessions.
            bandmasters association for the state. On the morning              As a result of the meeting at TMEA,
                                                                             the first Texas Bandmasters Association
                                                                             Clinic/Convention was held in September
                                                                             of 1948 in San Antonio at Alamo Heights
                                                                             High  School.  At  this  time  the  meeting
                                                                             was  titled “The  New  Music-Marching
                                                                             Clinic”. Two companies, Southern Music
                                                                              Company and Sol Frank Uniforms were
                                                                              the only two companies to have displays
                                                                              at the first convention.
                                                                                The  first New Music  Reading  Band,
                                                                              sponsored by the American Federation
                                                                              of Musicians Local 23, included many
                                                                              people  that  had  been  in  service bands
                                                                               during World War II. These musicians
                                                                               had returned home to attend college
                                                                               and  were  working  on  becoming  band
                                                                               directors. Some members of this first
                                                                               reading band included Bob Geisler
                                                                               (1962 TBA President), Marion Busby
                                                                                (1954 President), Phil Busche (1956
                                                                                President), Doug Williamson (1957
                                                                                President), Vernon Mayfield, Arnold
                                                                                Boca (1958 President), Pat Patterson
                                                                                (1959 President and later TBA
                                                                                Executive Secretary), Al Sturcio who
                                                                                 was a student at St. Mary’s University,
                                                                                 and Jan Marty—now Jan Sturchio.
                                                                                   Most of the music played by the
                                                                                 reading  band  was  furnished  by
                                                                                 Southern Music Company. However,
                                                                                 directors were encouraged to bring

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