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TBA News

            Michael Brashear, TBA Executive Director

              Congratulations on the completion of another successful  and afternoon. There will also
            school year! I hope that you have some down time planned  be time to visit the exhibits
            and are able to enjoy your family and friends.     after our Business Luncheon
              The TBA Convention/Clinic is coming soon: Thursday-  until they close at 3 p.m. Plan
            Saturday, July 20-22. Pre-register before July 1 to take  to spend more time in the
            advantage of the discounted fee. Note the following changes:  exhibit  hall  this  year!  The
              • The TBA registration area has been moved to the  revenue  generated from
            new lobby of the Convention Center. You can access  exhibitors is crucial to our financial strength as an
            this area from Market Street or simply enter the convention  organization. The exhibitors will continue to attend only if
            center across from the Marriott, walk past Lila Cockrell  they see good support from our attendees. Let them know
            Theatre and follow the signs.                      how much we appreciate their presence!
              • The Exhibit Hall will be open Friday 9 a.m. to    • The main entrance into the exhibit hall is from our
            6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Built into the  registration area in the lobby. There is also a secondary
            schedule will be Exclusive Exhibit Hall time each morning  entrance down the hall toward Lila Cockrell theatre. For
                                                                     band directors, the easiest way to access the
                                                                     exhibits is down the escalator from the second
                                                                     floor where all our clinics are located.
                                                                       • The marching band clinics and Active and
                                                                    Retired Members Luncheon can be accessed
                                                                    through  the  exhibit  hall.  This  entrance  will  be
                                                                     at the back of the exhibit hall close to the elevators.

                                                                     TBA Celebrates 70 Years of Service
                                                                       To mark this occasion, TBA commissioned Brian
                                                                    Balmages, our Featured Composer, to write a band
                                                                    piece. This work is titled “Infinite Hope” and
                                                                    will be premiered by the U.S. Coast Guard Band
                                                                    during their concert Friday evening. TBA thanks the
                                                                    following schools who participated in the consortium
                                                                    for this piece: Canyon Vista MS-Round Rock ISD; Cele
                                                                    MS-Pflugerville ISD; Cobb MS-Frisco ISD; Cockrill
                                                                    MS-McKinney ISD; Hornedo MS-El Paso ISD; Klein
                                                                    Oak HS-Klein ISD; Metzger MS-Judson ISD; Pearland
                                                                    HS-Pearland ISD; Rice MS-Plano ISD; Richardson ISD;
                                                                    Spillane MS-Cypress-Fairbanks ISD; Tays JH-Katy ISD;
                                                                    Tejeda MS and Tex Hill MS-North East ISD; Valley View
                                                                    JH-Valley View ISD; and York JH-Conroe ISD.
                                                                       I hope you will attend our TBA Active and Retired
                                                                    Members Luncheon and Business Meeting at noon
                                                                    on Saturday. In addition to taking care of TBA
                                                                    Business and hearing from our Bandmaster of the

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