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From the Board
          Texas Bandmasters
                 2016-17             Jeff King, 2016-17 TBA President
           Board of Directors
                                     Greetings Colleagues and Friends,      your contest
                 Jeff King             I always had a good laugh when someone  performance.
                  Irving ISD         would ask, “So now that marching season  I have seen
            2621 W. Airport Freeway  is over, what are you going to do for the  directors who
             Irving, TX 75062-6020
                972-600-5088         rest of the school year?” OR “Now that UIL  were  very
      Concert & Sight-reading Contest is over,   successful and
               Chico Portillo        you must be pretty relaxed and ready to  had a terrific
                President Elect      end the year.” We all know that the month  year that did
               1412 Tamar Lane
               Austin, TX 78727      of May can be one of the busiest times of the  not  receive
    school  year  for  a  band  director.  Assessing   the highest scores. Conversely, we also
                                     and finishing up your current school year  know that earning the highest marks does
              John Morrison
                Vice President       (festivals, concerts, banquets/celebrations,  not mean that you had a successful year.
             Cypress-Fairbanks ISD   tryouts, schedules, hiring, inventory…) can  Working with students in adverse situations
           10300 Jones Road, Suite 724
              Houston, TX 77065      be exhausting. The month of June is a great  and  seeing them overcome obstacles is
                281-897-4042         time of year to assess how “successful” your  being  a  successful  teacher.  If  we  allow
                                     school year was. In addition, please take  ourselves to only measure our success by
              Phillip Clements
                  Treasurer          some time for yourself and                           adjudicators, we may not
         Texas A&M University-Commerce  your family this  summer   “We achieve more       be seeing the “big picture”
                P.O. Box 3011
             Commerce, TX 75429      to relax and re-charge your                          in our programs.
                903-886-5285         batteries for the journey  when we chase the           I also know, as a long-
                                     ahead.                      dream instead of         time active member of the
             Roland Sandoval           As a current Fine Arts                             Texas Music Adjudicators
                  Secretary                                      the competition.”
             O’Connor High School    Director, I have attended                            Association (TMAA), how
               12221 Leslie Road
               Helotes, TX 78023     more  music  UIL  contests       Simon Sinek         important our constructive
                210-397-4758         this year than you can                               critiques are in maintaining
                                     imagine —middle and high school band,  the highest professional standards in our
               Daniel Allen          choir and orchestra contests. In between  profession. Although most directors read
              Franklin High School   performances, I would hang out in the  their comment sheets from the bottom up
                900 N. Resler        contest office and find myself listening to  and then go back and read from the top,
               El Paso, TX 79912
                915-236-2266         and  watching  directors  as they  received  they need to have an objective mindset
                                     their UIL ratings.  How  we  react  to  our  with the desire of learning something from
               Steven Moore          annual contest ratings is a crucial part  the comments. Our ears and emotions can
                Past President
              Lindale High School    of being an effective and successful band  sometimes make us all a little biased and
                 P.O. Box 370        director and leader. If the ratings are not  unbelieving at the contest site. Yes, earning
               Lindale, TX 75771
                903-881-4140         what you wanted or what you felt they  the highest ratings at contest can be part of
                                     should have been, it is normal and OK to  your success, but it should not be the only
             Michael Brashear        be disappointed. After all, we all strive to  factor in measuring your success. Learning
              Executive Director
          Texas Bandmasters Association   be the very best and we want our students  to balance the desire for higher scores and
           1002 Central Parkway South  to experience success. It is how we handle  being part of a “successful” program is
             San Antonio, TX 78232
                210-492-8878         this disappointment that is so important.  always a challenge.

                                     Being  “successful” should not always be   We all know that being a “successful”
                                     determined by the judges that adjudicate  band director requires years and years of

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