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            Year, Dr. Matthew McInturf, we will celebrate TBA’s 70th  during the convention. TBA band directors participated in
            Birthday. I encourage you to make time in your schedule  a Director’s Marching Band which rehearsed outside in the
            to participate in the party!                       Texas heat, while learning from the clinician. As you can
              I invited Al Sturchio, former TBA Executive Director,  imagine, the popularity of this format did not last long and
            to share some of his memories from the early days of  the sessions moved inside to cooler surroundings!
            TBA (pages 6-7). Al was a student at St. Mary’s University   Looking through all of our TBA convention programs
            when he participated in the very first TBA Convention as a  from 1950 to the present day, one thing stands out to me:
            member of the reading band.                        Texas band directors from the early days through the
              As military musicians were returning from World War II,  present have always been passionate about improving
            many attended college and became school band directors.  their teaching skills. Throughout our history, TBA has
            As band programs developed, directors felt a need to  invited the most successful band directors from Texas and
            continue to improve their teaching skills and to share  across the  U.S. to  share their  expertise  with convention
            ideas with peers. This lead to the formation of TBA in  attendees.  Due to the outstanding vision from Past TBA
            1948. In the beginning, the TBA Convention was labeled  Presidents and Executives, our association has grown
            as “New Music-Marching Band Clinic”. Since there was no  from humble beginnings in 1948 to become the largest
            access to recordings of music, directors depended entirely  band director association in the U.S., presenting the most
            on learning about new music during the Reading Band  comprehensive summer convention.
            sessions. In order to learn the most up-to-date marching   Plan to attend the convention this year and become part
            techniques, experts were invited to present their ideas  of the TBA 70 - year history. See you in San Antonio!

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