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The Trilogy of Successful Educators

            Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser

              Having spent multiple decades  some are effective delegators offering  collective goals. Conversely,  we also
            traveling (throughout our  nation  ownership to various members of the  are aware of the awarding winning
            and  around  the  globe)  working  culture,  and  some  are  combinations  band program boasting a tradition
            with  outstanding  music  programs  of all the aforementioned character  of superior achievements, and when
            and first class music educators, it  attributes. With that said, here’s  the former director is replaced with
            is ever-apparent there are countless  what I have discovered are the three  a different individual, things begin
            pathways to success. For certain there  commonalities of those who continue  to unravel all too quickly. What’s
            is no ONE WAY to create and grow an  to meet the highest of professional  the difference? It is the LEVEL OF
            ongoing culture of artistic excellence;  standards. They have:       TRUST established by each director.
            instead we can point to many different                               In this case, director #1 has garnered
            examples of high level achievement   1. THE ABILITY TO ESTABLISH     the  TRUST  of  those  involved  with
            being generated with a myriad of  AND MAINTAIN TRUSTING              the program and therefore it has
            blueprints.                       RELATIONSHIPS.                     focused their dedicated efforts in a
              There are some similarities evident   We open our minds and our hearts  synergistic outcome. Director #2 has
            in the way one puts together his/  (especially) to those WE TRUST. We  NOT been able to connect with all
            her own “magical potion” that brings  tend to be skeptical and protective  areas of personnel (students, parents,
            about a buffet of musical opportunities  when it comes to those we don’t  administrators, etc.,) and thus the
            to    and     for                                trust.  While  the  energy subsides and forward progress
            students, parents,       Let us all pledge       curriculum is (for  is halted as things begin to unravel.
            administrators, and   ourselves to artistic      the most part) the
            all. Of course the        excellence by          same in many ways,  2. THE WHEREWITHAL TO “FOCUS
            exemplary teacher/    continuing to develop      the WAY we teach  THE EGO.”
            band director is,     trusting relationships     WHAT we teach         The EGO drives us and the EGO
            first and foremost,    while laser-focusing      often    overrides  can inadvertently sabotage us. When
            a  lifetime  learning-                           WHAT we teach.  we understand the endless possibilities
            growing musician.       our I/me energies        Everyone      has   of any/all situations, it is important to
            The    focus   on       as we continue to        many examples of  “step up to the plate,” wrap our arms
            musical-quality         bring “what isn’t”       the fledgling band  around  the  challenges  and  lead the
            is the  absolute       to our professional       program that cannot  band to new heights. However, if the
            foundation    and          landscapes.           seem to gain any  REASON(s) to reach the goals is based
            everything else is                               shred of positive  on the director’s self-promotion, then
            built on that bedrock of reality. From  momentum,  then  along  comes  a  there is an inauthenticity certain to
            there  on,  it  is  a  matter  of  availing  new enthusiastic band director and  bring one to an ill-fated destination.
            everyone to the infinite benefits of  MAGIC seems to happen immediately.  On the other hand, if the invested I/
            music-learning  and  music-making.  Enrollment increases, quality in every  me EGO-energy is the given fuel to
            Some of the great teachers reveal  aspect of the band elevates, and the  advance the program to offer a new
            very charismatic personalities, some  band takes on a new personality with  awareness of musical benefits to/for the
            are quiet leaders who are almost  students eager to commit their time  students (and the entire community),
            invisible at times, some are master  effort and energies to the organization  then EVERYONE is the winner.
            politicians  who can  bring  about  with the understanding TRUSTING    The EGO can be our most valued
            consensus with anyone/everyone,  the leader will help them reach their  partner, or it can become a “foolish

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