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...oh Harvey!
          Texas Bandmasters
                 2017-18             John Morrison, 2017-18 TBA President Elect
           Board of Directors

               Chico Portillo          As the 2017 school year was beginning  district administra-
                  President          for the greater Northwest Houston area, the  tors  was  simply
               1412 Tamar Lane
               Austin, TX 78727      teachers were ready, the classrooms were  overwhelming.
                512-796-9596         ready for the students and the high school  Three hours later
                                     bands had completed their August camps  TMEA, thanks to
              John Morrison          and were eagerly anticipating their first  Robert Floyd and
                President Elect
             Cypress-Fairbanks ISD   football game performances, and then…..  Frank Coachman,
           10300 Jones Road, Suite 724  Uncle Harvey paid a visit.          was  deemed  the
              Houston, TX 77065
                281-897-4042           Once the water receded from this epic  most appropriate venue for a collaboration
     storm, neighbors were busy bailing each  that would include the affected areas and

              Phillip Clements       other out, literally. Many others that weren’t  the industry professional network to help
                Vice President       as affected by water were taking care of  us rebuild. was born and a
         Texas A&M University-Commerce  bigger picture items like the infrastructure of  concentrated effort for rebuilding our music
                P.O. Box 3011
             Commerce, TX 75429      the roads, merchants and schools. It quickly  programs began.
                903-886-5285         became very clear that our communities   Fast forward to now and our new
                                     were going to feel the impact of this epic  normal. One thing is for sure, the power
             Roland Sandoval         storm, in no similar way. Some school  of good is great. So many directors lending
             O’Connor High School    campuses were completely destroyed, some  helping hands not only in the classroom
               12221 Leslie Road     sustained minor issues that were resolved  with encouragement, instrument and supply
               Helotes, TX 78023
                210-397-4758         within days. Many more communities were  donations, but in other ways outside of the
    reeling as to how the storm affected the  school, as well. So many colleagues coming

               Daniel Allen          individuals and their ability to function in  to each other’s rescue, even today.
                  Secretary          their programs. Were the homes and cars of   The constant that was clear through this
              Franklin High School
                900 N. Resler        the teachers compromised? What about the  epic challenge was,  good teaching is still
               El Paso, TX 79912     instruments that the students have at home?  good teaching. I wouldn’t try and classify the
           So many unanswered questions.          programs in the area, relative to the damage
                                       I check my email to see that my neighbors  that was sustained, but I did notice something
               George Little
               Sergeant-at-Arms      Monte Mast, Klein ISD and JD Janda from  recently. The very best teachers, impacted in
              Lufkin High School     Tomball ISD, had emailed our Houston Area  some way by the storm, somehow managed
            309 South Medford Drive  Music Administrators group and suggested  to achieve favorable results in marching band
               Lufkin, TX 75901
                936-630-4134         a gathering of those that could, to do some  and individual all region events. I wondered
                                     game planning and share ideas for recovery.  as the year got underway how many directors
                 Jeff King           Within about two days we met at the  would use the challenge that they were
                Past President       Tomball ISD administration building, those  presented, as  an  opportunity  to  push  their
                  Irving ISD
            2621 W. Airport Freeway  of us that literally could get there, only to  teaching skills. Most would agree that the
               Irving, TX 75062      discover that the group of attendees was  programs and teachers that always manage to
      to include TMEA, TCDA, TODA, TBA, the  grind out and pace others, showed no change
                                     Houston Symphony, Houston Arts Partners,  in the performance results of their programs
             Michael Brashear
              Executive Director     Conn-Selmer Instruments,  Music for All/  and students.
          Texas Bandmasters Association   BOA, Stanbury Uniforms, Fishburn Violins,   As the region continues to heal, one
           1002 Central Parkway South  Lisle Violins, Brook Mays and H&H Music,  constant remains, the spirit of neighbors
             San Antonio, TX 78232
                210-492-8878         Music and Arts, and the list continued on.   helping neighbors is alive and well. My wish

                                     The collective group of industry  is for you all is to enjoy your time with your
                                     professionals coupled with our local   family and friends this Holiday Season.

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