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“If You Build It, They Will Come”

            Roland Sandoval, 2017-18 TBA Treasurer

              “If You Build It, They Will Come” …a great adapted line  or spend a few minutes with each
            from the movie A Field of Dreams. In that movie we learn  student even if once a week or
            the more time, attention, effort, and thought you apply to  once a month. Use technology…a
            an idea the more likely it is that something can and will  lot…this generation lives it! Play
            come of it. Now there are certainly no guarantees but at  music  and  recordings  of  world
            least planting the seed and tending to it increases the odds  class musicians, bands, orchestras
            that it’ll grow something. So, BUILD away! PLANT away!  and jazz ensembles. Show them
              We have so many challenges with the academic demands  EVERY summer band camp flyer
            on  our  band  students. We  must  be  great “farmers”  and  that is mailed to you. Take them to concerts…MS to HS…
            create unique musical crops that our students simply can’t  HS to local university or community band. I like the idea of
            resist. The more comprehensive program you build (and  being like a great college or university program: They offer
            plant a variety of musical opportunities) then you increase  a great concert band program, marching band program,
            the odds of them coming and STAYING. We’ve all been to  jazz program that even includes combos, percussion
            those farmer’s markets where we think “I want to try that…  ensembles, winter guard, woodwind & brass choirs,
            and that…and that!”                                mariachi program, steel drum band, chamber ensembles,
              The inverse, however, has more certainty. If you pay no  full orchestra (if you do have a string program), musical pit
            attention to an idea and make no effort to manifest it, you  and they perform, perform, perform.
            decrease the odds of it materializing. It does mean extra   Students and parents also appreciate a fair, logical,
            effort and time if you are by yourself or a fantastic team  achievable assessment tool that is clear and allows for
            effort from the entire band staff if you work on a team.   personal growth and development.
              So, what does that look like? Offer as many musical   On top of striving for a comprehensive program you
            experiences that you can for the individual student  then must detail what you can and do offer. For instance,
            musician and your ensembles. From the beginner to the  a passion for me is to offer a great jazz education for my
            senior you want them to have wonderful musical moments  students. So, within that genre we teach jazz vocabulary,
            that  make  them  feel  proud,  successful,  accomplished,  theory, ear training, rhythmic dictation, improvisation,
            appreciated and a part of the community they represent.   jazz language & symbols, articulations and ensemble skills
              Have a plan with short-term and long-term goals. Build  pertaining to just jazz. We listen to jazz, show YouTube
            something  unique  to  just  your  program…traditions  that  recordings of great jazz performances and have guest artists
            beginners have, 8th graders do, Seniors serving in a Big  and attend jazz festivals…whew…variety!
            Brother/Big Sister program etc. Have a focal point for each   Where do you get these seeds to plant and build a
            grade level. Develop leadership opportunities at all grade  great comprehensive band program? That’s where the
            levels. Create variety in your daily routines…if your students  Texas Bandmasters Association can and should have an
            are challenged and thinking in their fundamentals it takes  important role in your career and impact the musical lives
            the monotony out of routine. Bring in guests/mentors if you  of your students. The excellence of Texas Bands comes from
            can…even more variety for students and staff.      directors sharing their knowledge either at our annual clinic/
              Give them opportunities to perform in a variety of  convention or at our outreach programs throughout the state
            individual and ensemble experiences in class and concerts.  and school year. Every July the musical farmer in you should
            Beginners to seniors should be exposed to Solo and  want to get in your car or a plane and make your way to San
            Ensemble, District, Region, All-State auditions, Youth/  Antonio, Texas to pick up your new packet of seeds for the
            Community Wind Bands and Orchestras. If you can, feature  new school year. “If You Build It, They Will Come.” It is such
            small sections or families (WW, Brass, Perc) at concerts  an honor for me and my family, Jackie and Nathan Sandoval,
            between songs or bands. Have a private lesson program  to serve TBA and your band family. See you in July!

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