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The Trilogy of Successful Educators

            misguided friend” in support of a selfish agenda. The  or several thriving chamber ensembles, or a favorable
            constant monitoring of WHY we are making this or that  relationship with fellow directors, or more responsible
            decision/choice is the key. The WE/US choices must take  student leaders, or, or, or, or. When we embrace the idea
            precedence of the I/ME decisions.                  of CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT (Japanese: KAIZEN), we
                                                               will see “what isn’t” is infinite. We can never get to the end
            3. THE TALENTS AND SKILLS TO CREATE “WHAT ISN’T.”  of the WHAT ISN’T list; it is constantly growing, shifting,
              It’s an unusual statement, isn’t it? How does one go about  changing, advancing. For those who are eager to become
            creating WHAT ISN’T? First, one must determine “what  outstanding band directors/teachers/educators, be it known,
            really isn’t.” Perhaps “what isn’t” is an organized office, or a  maintenance is not growth; GROWTH IS GROWTH, and
            clean band hall, or a greater commitment to home practice,  growth requires the ongoing creation of “what isn’t.”
            or a wonderful relationship with the administration, or a   The insightful bit of wisdom: “Argue for your limitations
            thriving booster group, or superb intonation, or a robust  and you get to own them,” comes into play when seeking
            recruitment template, or appropriate rehearsal disciplines,  “what isn’t.” If we refuse to consider adding some aspect
                                                                    of “what isn’t” to the planning board because of any
                                                                    perceived limitations, then it is a pointless exercise
                                                                    in the first place. “What isn’t” is merely “what is”
                                                                    waiting to happen.
                                                                       A music educator/band director may be in
                                                                    the best posture of any teacher in the school to
                                                                    MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT on everyone (not just
                                                                    students, but EVERYONE) who has any connection
                                                                    with THE BAND. Let us all pledge ourselves
                                                                    to  artistic  excellence  by  continuing  to  develop
                                                                    trusting relationships while laser-focusing our
                                                                    I/me energies as we continue to bring “what isn’t” to
                                                                    our professional landscapes.
                                                                               .  “Strike up the Band!”

                                                                       Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser is a trusted friend to anyone interested
                                                                     in working with young people in developing a desire for excellence
                                                                     and  a  passion  for  high  level  achievement.  His  career  involves
                                                                     ten years of successful  college band directing and three years
                                                                     with McCormick’s Enterprises working as Executive Director
                                                                     of Bands of America. In 1981, he created Attitude Concepts for
                                                                     Today, Inc., an organization designed to manage the requests
                                                                     for presentations. Dr. Tim presently serves as Vice President of
                                                                     Education for Conn-Selmer, Inc., Senior Educational Advisor for
                                                                     Music  for  All and  NAMM  (The  International  Music Products
                                                                     Association)  and is an  adjunct faculty  member  at Ball State
                                                                     University (Earl Dunn Distinguished Lecturer), Indiana-Purdue/
                                                                     Ft. Wayne University, and Butler University. In addition, he
                                                                     serves on The Midwest Clinic Board of Directors and the Western
                                                                     International Band Clinic/American Band College Board of

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