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Bandmasters Review                                                                  Mission

            An Educational Publication of the Texas Bandmasters Association
                                                                                               The purpose of the
             Features                             TBA News                                     Texas Bandmasters
                                                                                              Association, Inc. is to:
              7   The Trilogy of Successful        3   “If You Build It, They Will Come”
                 Educators                            by Roland Sandoval, 2017-18 TBA Treasurer   Continually assist its
                 by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser          4   ...oh Harvey                          membership in achieving
              9   The Pocket Guide to Teaching        by John Morrison, 2017-18 TBA President Elect  the highest standards
                 Trombone                          5   TBA News                                 of instrumental
                 by Dr. Deb Scott                      by Michael Brashear, TBA Executive Director  music education.
             13   Reflections...                  25   The Midwest Clinic
                 by Joni Perez                        Performances 2017                             uuu
             17   Bringing the Music to Life      25   NAMMB Contest Awards                   Promote the place and
                 by Don Haynes, Jr.                                                          value of music education
                                                  26   2017 U.I.L. Marching Contest State     in our society and the
             19   Teachers, Are You Helping or        Champs
                 Hurting?                                                                  important role instrumental
                 by Marina McLerran                                                         music plays in our cultural,
                                                                                            intellectual, and social lives.
             21   What’s the Score?
                 by Gloria Ramirez, Alex Denton,                                                    uuu
                  Marshall Thomas
                                                                                                Foster goodwill,
             28   An Instrumental Blog                                                      fellowship and a collegial,
                 presented by D’Addario                                                          fraternal spirit
                 by Jim Bailey, James Campbell,                                                among its members.
                 Neal Postma
                                                                                             Provide its membership
                    Mark Your 2018 Calendar                                                  Convention/Clinic which
                                                                                                 with an annual
                                                                                              introduces new music,
                        January 13 • Professional Development Clinic                        tried and proven teaching
                  February 12 • TBA convention registration opens online                      methods and materials
                                                                                              as well as instruments
                       February 19 • Professional Development Clinic                            and equipment.
                          April 7 • Professional Development Clinic
                              July 26-28 • TBA Convention/Clinic
                                                                                               Provide educational
                                                                                           publications of instructional
                       Details on the clinics can be found on the back cover.                 methods and materials
                                                                                              for TBA members and
                                                                                               aid them with their

                   TBA publishes these educational articles for your use in the classroom and rehearsal hall and to   personal development
                   share with your students as you wish. The opinions and teaching methods are those of the authors   and leadership.
                       and not necessarily shared by all members of the TBA staff and Board of Directors.
            BANDMASTERS REVIEW is an educational publication of the Texas Bandmasters Association.
            The magazine’s purpose is to assist TBA members in achieving the highest standards of instrumental   Provide information for
            music education.  BANDMASTERS REVIEW is a quarterly publication and is mailed to current   the university music student
            Active/Retired and Business Members of TBA. If your address has changed, please contact the
            Texas Bandmasters Association office:  1002 Central Parkway South, San Antonio, TX  78232   preparing to become
                                         Phone: (210) 492-8878 Fax: (210) 492-8996              a band director.

            Bandmasters Review • December 2017                1                            Texas Bandmasters Association
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