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TBA Mission                Greetings on Behalf of the

                                     TBA Board of Directors!

             The purpose of the
             Texas Bandmasters
            Association, Inc. is to:  Chico Portillo, 2017 18 TBA President
            Continually assist its     It’s hard to believe that another school  • Heart of Texas
          membership in achieving     year has come and gone. I hope that yours   Reading Band
            the highest standards     was successful and that now you have time  • Rio Grande Valley
              of instrumental
              music education.       to relax a bit.                          Jazz Orchestra
                                       Over the last 70 years, your TBA Board  • The Moanin’ Frogs
                  uuu                of Directors has put together conventions   Saxophone
           Promote the place and     to address the changing needs of band    Ensemble
          value of music education    directors. We strive to stay current by  • Edcouch Elsa
            in our society and the   bringing you the best clinics, meetings, and   High School Mariachi Juvenil Azteca
         important role instrumental
          music plays in our cultural,   concerts possible. The annual convention  • Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
         intellectual, and social lives.   also provides quality time for fellowship  • Eddie Green
                                     and family. Texas band directors truly  • Dr. Gary Garner
                                     understand that the TBA convention  • Dr. Bradley Genevro
              Foster goodwill,       is a vital part of preparing ourselves  • Willie Owens
          fellowship and a collegial,   professionally and socially to be ready for  • Fran Kick
               fraternal spirit
            among its members.       our students when school begins. Being with  • A Middle School Track of Clinics
                                     other  directors validates  our  commitment   presented by  Asa Burk, Alicia DeSoto,
                  uuu                to music education. Engagement and       Cheryl Floyd, Corey Graves, Alyssa Grey,
           Provide its membership     attendance at the convention fuels our love   James  Hairston,  Robert  Herrings,  Kathy
              with an annual         for everything that is band. Interaction with   Johnson, Chris Merideth, Jennifer Rogers,
           Convention/Clinic which   other teachers helps to perpetuate the value   and many more
           introduces new music,     of our profession.                     • A High School Track of Clinics presented
          tried and proven teaching
           methods and materials       We must take care of and have a quest to   by  Jim Cude, Carol Brittin Chambers,
            as well as instruments     better ourselves in order to reach the level   Shane Goforth, Garth Gunderson, Gary
              and equipment.         of teaching we want to achieve. We must   Markum, Gabe Musella, Ronnie Rios,
                                     invest in ourselves because we are worth   Jordan Stern, TAME, the staff at Cedar
                                     it and because our students deserve it. In   Park High School and C.T. Johnson High
            Provide educational      doing so, we invest in our future while   School, and more
         publications of instructional
           methods and materials     valuing our historical past.           • New this year: 5-Part Clinic Series:
            for TBA members and        Please read the TBA Mission Statement to   The Complete Marching Season presented
         aid them with their  personal   the left. With that in mind, here are some of   by Jeremy Spicer, Bob Chresti, Robert
               development           the highlights of this year’s convention:  Selaiden and Mike Howard
              and leadership.        • Richard and Cheryl Floyd, Featured      In addition to these fantastic presenters
                                       Clinicians                           and concerts, we will once again provide
                                     • Frank Ticheli, Featured Composer     the highly successful TBA Student Day, the
           Provide information for
         the university music student    • Bandmaster of the Year, Kenny Capshaw  TBA Academy for New Band, Choir, and
            preparing to become      • “The President’s Own” U.S. Marine Band  Orchestra Directors, and a Band Booster
              a band director.       • U.S. Air Force Bands of the West     training day.
                                     • Austin Symphonic Band                  We look forward to seeing you in San
                                     • Sugarland Winds                      Antonio July 26-28!

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