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Rehearsal Techniques for the Trombone Sectional
Mark Britt
March 2002
2002-03-britt1.pdf View
Right-Hand Position, Stopped, and Muted Horn
Dr. John Q. Ericson
March 2002
2002-03-ericson1.pdf View
Tuning Your Tuba
Dr. Jeffrey L. Funderburk
March 2002
2002-03-funderburk1.pdf View
Special Challenges of Arranging for Marching Band
Ed Gaston
March 2002
2002-03-gaston1.pdf View
Keyboard Mallet Technique: The Grip & Basic Stroke
Kirk Gay
March 2002
2002-03-gay1.pdf View
How to Buy a Snare Drum
Neil W. Grover
March 2002
2002-03-grover1.pdf View
You Gotta' Have H.E.A.R.T.
Tim Lautzenheiser
March 2002
2002-03-lautzenheiser1.pdf View
Double Reeds 101: A Refresher Course
Dr. Carol McNabb
March 2002
2002-03-mcnabb1.pdf View
Coaching the Clarinet Section Part III: Basic Articulation Concepts
Michael Moors
March 2002
2002-03-moors1.pdf View
Playing the Bass Drum Musically
Dr. Tim Morgan
March 2002
2002-03-morgan1.pdf View
The Power of Networking
John Ruka
March 2002
2002-03-ruka1.pdf View
Got Rhythm? Part 1
Barry Bittman
June 2002
2002-06-bittman1.pdf View
Low Brass Tone Production
Dr. Mark Britt
June 2002
2002-06-britt1.pdf View
Thoughts on Holding the Horn
Ellen Campbell
June 2002
2002-06-campbell1.pdf View
Jazz Corner
Dr. Michael Davison
June 2002
2002-06-davison1.pdf View
Notes on Breathing and Use of Air
Dr. John Ericson
June 2002
2002-06-ericson1.pdf View
Teaching & Reaching the Middle School Level
Mike Fraley
June 2002
2002-06-fraley1.pdf View
Sound Improvement
Dr. Jeffrey L. Funderburk
June 2002
2002-06-funderburk1.pdf View
Trumpet Topics: Improved Single-Tounging in 15 Minutes Per Day - Part 3
Brian Goff
June 2002
2002-06-goff1.pdf View
Good Practice Habits
Dr. Clifford Leamon
June 2002
2002-06-leaman1.pdf View
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